• 11 Jun 2021

    Covenant Coordinators and Supporters: 2021 surveys are open for contributions!

    Time has come for the Coordinators and Supporters of the Covenant of Mayors in Europe to report on their activities!

    Indeed, Covenant Territorial Coordinators and Covenant Supporters commit to regularly reporting on their activities with the Covenant Community through an online survey.

    This year is a milestone for the European Covenant of Mayors, as cities are stepping up their climate ambition to reach a common vision of climate neutrality by 2050 (learn more here).

    By answering the survey, you will help the Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office and the European Commission assess how the new commitments have been perceived and how the renewed Covenant of Mayors – Europe ambitions can support the implementation of regional strategies on climate and energy.

    Furthermore, the surveys provide an opportunity to promote your work to a broad international audience by showcasing activities carried out over the last year and inspire others with your good practice examples!

    Who should take part in the survey?

    The surveys are addressed to collect the feedback of the Territorial Coordinators and Supporters coming from the European Covenant of Mayors (EU member states, EFTA countries, UK, Balkans and Turkey) only.


    16 July 2021, COB.


    For further information, please contact coordinators@eumayors.eu or supporters@eumayors.eu

    Launch the survey!

    Survey for Territorial Coordinators

    Survey for Supporters