• 15 Mar 2019

    Deputy Mayor of Stockholm Katarina Luhr brings a new voice to the EU Covenant Political Board

    Katarina Luhr just joined the European Covenant of Mayors Political Board as the Vice Mayor for Environment and Climate in Stockholm.

    As such, she represents EUROCITIES in the Board, as Stockholm currently holds the Presidency of EUROCITIES. The City of Stockholm is a signatory to the 2030 objectives of the European Covenant of Mayors, with an ambitious objective of 45% CO² emissions reduction.

    Katarina Luhr is a trained pharmacist from the Uppsala University and got a PhD in neurosciences from the Karolinska Institute in 2004. Before being elected Vice-mayor for the environment in 2014, she worked on harmful chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals at the Swedish Poison Information Centre.

    She has been a member of the Stockholm City Council since 2010 . She has also been responsible of Stockholm’s Climate Pact since 2014.

    The Stockholm Climate Pact is an initiative open to companies operating within the city. Signatory companies undertake to pursue the same objectives for CO² reduction as the city. It also provides a platform for companies to report on their environmental work, a great opportunity to share best practices and get inspired by others.

    Luhr inaugurated Stockholm’s new 100% electric carpool, that features a very innovative mechanism of renting: citizens may rent unused city vehicles in the evenings and weekends anywhere in the city.

    "As elected officials we owe it to our citizens to not only acknowledge the dangers of global warming, but ensure they never actually come to pass. That’s why Stockholm joined the Covenant of Mayors."