• 05 Oct 2018

    How to get from citizen engagement to citizen ownership? A guidebook for municipalities

    For many years the space in the city has been taken away from the people and given to the automobile. As we look out of the window onto a congested street, another lane for cars was simply added or new roads were built.

    Inspired by the Living Streets initiative in the Belgian city of Ghent, seven other European cities created their own Living Streets as part of an EU-funded project: Zadar, Turin, Ivanić-Grad, La Rochelle, Milton Keynes, Rotterdam, and Brussels.

    "We managed to get water tanks and fruit seeding which allowed us to set up two community orchards along with gardens, providing us with fruits as well as a place where to hang out."

    - Ankica Lukač, citizen and urban gardener in Ivanić-Grad, Croatia

    All these cities are now sharing their experiences in a guidebook to help other municipalities kick-start their own Living Streets processes! Open the guidebook here.living streets

    Living Streets project

    Co-funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union
    Learn more at www.energy-cities.eu/livingstreets

    © image Municipality of Rotterdam