• 02 May 2019

    Give your opinion on the EU Urban Agenda!

    In the context of an assessment study, the European Commission is inviting stakeholders to express their opinion on the EU Urban Agenda.

    The Urban Agenda for the EU was launched in May 2016 with the Pact of Amsterdam. It has given cities the opportunity to be involved in multi-level working cooperation between Member States, the European Commission, and other stakeholders. It aims at stimulating growth, liveability and innovation in the cities of Europe and identifying and successfully tackle social challenges.

    The objective of this survey is both to understand the improvements that can be made to the EU Urban agenda and to contribute to a better understanding of cooperation between cities and institutions. In particular, it intends to:

    • Provide evidence on how far the objectives of the Urban Agenda have been attained
    • Provide insight into the challenges, shortcomings, strengths and opportunities that have arisen throughout the implementation of the Urban Agenda
    • Gain an understanding in the causes and factors of success or failure of the Urban Agenda
    • Provide guidance and recommendations to make the Urban Agenda more effective, efficient, relevant and coherent, and with an increased EU added value, in view of its future implementation.

    All types of stakeholders are invited to contribute through the online form. This includes not only cities and urban authority representatives, but also other public authority representatives (international, EU, national and regional), as well as other stakeholders including civil society organisations, NGOs, businesses, academic research organisations, and experts.

    The survey can only be completed in English and will be open until 30 June.