• 19 Apr 2019

    Take part in your country’s consultation on the National Energy and Climate Plan!

    On 24 December 2018, the EU regulation on the governance of the Energy Union and climate action entered into force. This regulation aims at implementing the EU 2030 energy and climate targets, and at ensuring that the long-term EU GHG-reduction commitments are consistent with the Paris Agreement.

    The regulation will mostly be translated into Integrated National Energy and Climate Plans (INECPs). These plans should cover the 2021-2030 ten-year period. Under the regulation, each Member State submitted a national plan to the European Commission by last February (draft INECPs available here). These plans will be reviewed by the European Commission by June 2019. Member States will then have until the end of 2019 to integrate recommendations of the Commission and submit a final version of their respective National Plans.

    Promoting multi-level cooperation is one of the goals of the Energy Union. That is why Member States are required to organise broad public consultations and should involve local authorities - amongst other stakeholders - in drafting the national plans through multi-level energy and climate dialogues.

    These consultations are an opportunity for local authorities to influence climate and energy policies at national and European level. Some Member States have already started holding public consultations:

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    Seize this opportunity to showcase your city’s commitment to decarbonizing, increasing resilience to climate change, and becoming a more liveable place! National governments need to hear about your local achievements and ambitions to raise up their own and align their INECPs with the objectives of the Paris Agreement.


    - Member State’s Draft National Energy and Climate Plans as submitted to the Commission

    - Governance of the Energy Union Info Page

    Keen to know more about the NECPs? Then check out the "National Energy and Climate Plans" discussion forum in our capacity-sharing corner. The LIFE PlanUp project on NECPs provides guides, tools and good practices to the Covenant of Mayors Community.