• 12 Apr 2019

    Call for Interest for Covenant's signatories: participation to our workshop on streamlining climate mitigation and air quality policies

    Scope: The Covenant of Mayors (CoM) initiative has been very effective in mobilising a large number of cities in Europe and in the world in taking effective actions for mitigating climate change. Nevertheless, experience shows that decision makers are often not aware of the interplay between climate mitigation measures and air quality that on the contrary could be quite important, depending on the nature of the measure and the sector targeted.

    The aim of the workshop is to empower authorities on using CoM measures to improve air quality in their cities. The workshop will provide participants the opportunity to discuss how climate mitigation policies interact and how they could be optimally streamlined in order to achieve the highest possible benefit for both climate control and citizens' health defence.
    Participants: The workshop could involve representatives of 4 to 6 cities, selected among the CoM signatories that have actual experience in considering the interaction of climate and air quality policies at the urban level or are interested in taking profits of such interplay. Representatives should be technical figures, preferably directly involved in drafting and/or implementing air quality plans and/or Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. Cities representatives will be asked to provide a short (max. 15 min) presentation on how joint governance of climate mitigation and air quality is handled in his/her city and are supposed to actively participating in discussions. 1-2 experts from the CoM office and colleagues from the involved European Commission's Directorate Generals are also invited to join and to provide their views.
    Costs: The Joint Research Center (JRC) can cover travel and accommodation costs for one expert per city and 1-2 experts from the Covenant of Mayor's Office.
    Location: JRC premises in Ispra (IT). Alternatively, it could be appropriate to hold the meeting in one of the participating cities. In this case, the JRC will be available to cover the cost of renting a meeting room and catering (lunch + coffee breaks) but would need logistical support from host city administration.
    Date: The meeting should take place not later than first half of May 2019.
    Cities should submit their declaration of interests by 18th of April.
    Duration: One full day.
    Background: In the last two years, the JRC has investigated how mitigation measures planned in the frame of the CoM initiative are impacting the air pollution levels in the main signatory cities. First quantitative results have been published in (Monforti et al, 2018), in which a the impact on air quality of energy saving measures is discussed. Research is ongoing to complement this analysis with other type of measures uses in the frame of the CoM, as renewable energy measures, fuels switch and mixed measures.
    Contacts: For further clarifications and to express interest in participating, please contact Fabio Monforti-Ferrario (JRC.C.5) fabio.monforti-ferrario@ec.europa.eu