• 11 Apr 2019

    What makes a city green? Get inspired by the European Green Capital Awards Good Practices!

    The European Green Capital Award (EGCA) is sharing good practices in making cities greener. The EGCA 2019 Good Practice Factsheets provide real life examples of how the EGCA 2019 applicant cities have become more sustainable, offering their citizens a better quality of life.

    "Take Back the Cities"

    Lisbon wants a Square in Each Neighbourhood

    With the project ‘A Square in Each Neighbourhood’, Lisbon aims to improve the open public spaces of the city including squares, streets, neighbourhood gardens and facilities. This is being achieved through the consolidated urban fabric being interconnected by a network of green corridors, new tree alignments, and pedestrian and cycle paths. The project aims to create meeting points for local communities and to encourage citizen participation in city governance. [...]

    In Oslo, a Toll Ring as a tool for reducing traffic

    In recent years, significant expansion in the public transport system in Oslo has been financed by the toll ring surrounding the city. The toll ring is an important tool for traffic reduction, the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and improved air quality. In 2016, it was decided to adjust the toll charges based on emissions, favoring zero and low emission vehicles. [...]

    Strasbourg large

    Strasbourg's Optimix project for better mobility management

    Strasbourg is promoting the implementation of company travel plans as part of the policies defined in its Urban Mobility Plan. The Optimix project provides a digital platform which sets out operational guidelines for managing mobility and utilises ‘soft’ techniques including coordination, communication and awareness‐raising. The platform helps businesses, administrations and associations to implement mobility plans. The aim is to encourage sustainable mobility that is more environmentally friendly and socially acceptable whilst improving employee lifestyle and wellbeing at work. [...]

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