• 08 Mar 2019

    First regional meeting of the Covenant of Mayors held in Navarra

    The Government of Navarre, Spain, has launched an initiative to encourage local authorities to commit to the EU Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

    To this end, the Government of Navarre has created a working group of municipal officers who will share good practices, knowledge and existing resources as regards climate and energy initiatives. It will also aim at helping local governments develop their Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI), Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) as part of the Covenant of Mayors. This working group will be supported by the “Agencia Navarra del territorio y la sostenibilidad Lursarea”, the agency in charge of promoting sustainable and participatory development throughout the territory of Navarre, or Navarre.

    The Regional Minister for Rural Development (the local administration for environment), Isabel Elizalde, has sent the proposal to the local authorities of Navarre. On the 20th of February, the Regional Ministry for Rural Development and the Office of the Covenant of Mayors organized a meeting in Pamplona to invite the local authorities of Navarre to get informed about the Covenant of Mayors. This meeting was attended by Councillor for Rural Development, the Environment and Local Administration of the Government of Navarre Isabel Elizalde Arretxea, Covenant of Mayors Officer Miguel Morcillo and Mayor of Meliana (Valencia) Blas Lorenzo Devis Roig alongside with actors representing local entities of Navarre, companies in the sector and specialists in energy and climate. They were all presented the content, requirements and procedure to join the EU Covenant of Mayors movement.

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