• 25 Mar 2021
    15:30 - 17:00

    Covenant of Mayors Webinar - Integrating nature in the built environment

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    Many European cities and regions are increasingly developing actions that use nature-based solutions in the urban environment to tackle a series of societal challenges such as heat stress, floods, air pollution, water management, health, and wellbeing. Examples of these measures are tree planting, creation of urban or peri-urban parks, green corridors for biodiversity and sustainable transport modes.

    The new EU Climate Adaptation Strategy[1] published by the European Commission on 24 February has also highlighted the need to promote nature-based solutions for adaptation as they are “multipurpose, “no regret” solutions and simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build climate resilience”.

    But how to integrate nature in densely built environments in cities, and in already existing buildings? A recent analysis of Horizon 2020 projects has explored the potential of NBS for climate mitigation through reduced energy demand, for reducing the urban heat island effect, and for biodiversity.[2] Actions such as green roofs and green walls are considered effective measures to ameliorate microclimate and reduce the energy consumption of a building.

    This webinar will present 2 examples of cities that have integrated nature and green infrastructures in the built environment to tackle climate adaptation:

    Barcelona, in Spain, is working on an innovative project to use schools as climate shelters to protect citizens, and especially vulnerable populations, during heatwaves. School playgrounds, distributed across the city, have been the subject of a participative process to introduce green, blue and grey infrastructures to benefit the whole population in non-school periods.

    The city of Malmo, in Sweden, is implementing its Green Blue City Lab, matching property owners and builders with practitioners of green-blue solutions. You will hear some insights about how the city supports local stakeholders and how it measures the success of the solutions implemented.

    This webinar will be an occasion to discuss some of the main challenges in implementing measures to integrate nature in the built environment and get advice on how to replicate similar projects in other cities.

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