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Key Actions

  • Workshop
    • Descriere:

      initiatives to raise citizens awareness to a rational use of energy, especially in households activities

    • Key Action:1
    • Limbă:en
    • Sectoare: others
    • Perioada de implementare:2014-2020
    • Reducerea CO2:200
    • Descriere:

      new construction destined to school activities (nursery school), made in compliance with all legislative prescriptions (Law 10/91, Presidential Decree no. 412/93, Legislative Decree n. 192/05, Legislative Decree n. 311/06 , Presidential Decree 59/09, as amended) concerning energy performance and reduction of energy consumption.

    • Key Action:1
    • Limbă:it
    • Sectoare: municipal buildings equipment facilities
    • Perioada de implementare:2012-2014
    • Reducerea CO2:14.82
    • Energie produsă din surse regenerabile:7.1
    • Costul implementării:450000
    • Site web:
  • L'autobus che va a piedi
    • Descriere:

      The 'walking bus' is formed by a caravan of children who go to school in groups accompanied by two adults: a 'driver' and a 'controller' that closes the row.

    • Key Action:1
    • Limbă:it
    • Sectoare: transport
    • Perioada de implementare:2011-2020
    • Reducerea CO2:10
    • Energie produsă din surse regenerabile:37
    • Site web:
  • Pubblic lighting energy efficiency
    • Descriere:

      Replacing SAP lamps of part pubblic lightening w

    • Key Action:1
    • Limbă:en
    • Sectoare: public lighting
    • Perioada de implementare:2011-2012
    • Reducerea CO2:13.11
    • Costul implementării:100000